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Cultivated Mushroom

Mushroom Production Cultured Mushroom

Mega Tesnim ; It delivers the products it produces to its customers daily fresh within 24 hours. 1st Class, Refrigerated, White-capped and Closed culture mushrooms are offered to the market in packages and in bulk.

Mega Tesnim Fresh Mushrooms offered for sale in special foam containers with barcode labels in the markets: They are shipped in 300 g, 400 g, 800 g packages. 3kg-5kg.' Our sales are in printed bags, 5 kg. in our sales above 9 kg.' It is made in plastic cases

 Fresh Mushrooms average 2.7 g per 100 g. Protein, 0.3 g. Fat, 4.4 g. Carbs, 31 kcal. There are calories.